Bracelet Sizing

The BIG Question - What size will best fit!

To get a great fitting bracelet, take a measuring tape, and wrap it once around your wrist above your wrist bone. You want it to be fitted, but not loose. Below you can see the measurement is just a bit over 6.5 inches. That's my daughter being a great hand model!

I recommend adding 1 inch to the measurement. My daughter would fit in the 7.5 inch size, which is what she steals from me!

If your wrist is in-between two sizes, like 6.75 inches (That's my wrist size), round up to a 7 inches, then add 1 inch. Unless of course, you want a tighter fitting bracelet, then round down. I like my bracelet a little tighter so I wear the 7.5 inch size too. 

I also want to mention most mothers and daughters tend to wear the same size, go figure!